Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Heartstrings for Purse-strings

Update on 14th July :

Thanks everyone, see below for some video messages from the pupils and principle thanking everyone for their very generous support. The justgiving page will remain open for a while and any additional money is very much appriciated!

Update: The video has been removed cos i need to edit someone out, headscarf issues....

Right so England have progressed through to the next round of the world cup been knocked out by Germany, all is right with the world.

Well nearly, the Demonstration school for Deaf Children is currently facing a shortfall of funds which if not met will result in the closure of the school.

This is where you come in… I want to gently request that you part with some of your hard earned dosh for a good cause.

Thanks to the magic of the Interweb you can give money from the very computer you’re sitting at.

(For any under 7’s reading this, please find mummys purse reach in and find the shiny plastic things, email me the big number on the front and I’ll do the rest.)

To enhance on this already highly clich├ęd and corny post, every pound* counts. I know this is a cheeky abuse of your trusting readership, but I wouldn’t ask unless it was necessary.

Thanks, and I promise to do a proper post once we have raised some cash. If we raise lots of money I'll post an exceptionally embarrassing video of me dancing at the Hausa theater, 300 Hausa people entertained by one batauri....

*US Dollars, Zambian Quacha, Brazillian Real’s or even Naira are all welcome.


  1. have you thought about contacting big UK charities (like ActionAid) in country to apply for funding. Often they fund projects like this (and then claim the work as their own on their websites etc). I could find out who the fundraising manager is in AA Nigeria if you want a contact.

  2. Sounds good andy, will send you an email to get the details.

    The main problem with accessing funding from big charities (we've found) is they dont have contact details designed for NGOs working in developing countries on their websites.

    (thanks very much for the donation as well)